Anna - Founder

Hi legends! I'm Anna, the founder of Anna Vine Jewellery. I love acting, music and all things jewellery. I first started selling handmade jewellery on Depop during the first lockdown as an attempt to try and quash the never ending boredom, with some dusty supplies I found in the back of a cupboard. Looking back, the jewellery was interestingfashion wise. But a few months later, at the end 2020, I switched to my own website, and now I have been able to ship out over 8000 pieces of my jewellery, which absolutely blows my mind! But this is only the beginning! I am constantly working on new and exciting things, which I hope you will love as much as I do.​

Lauren - Shipping Coordinator 

Hi, I'm Lauren! My job is to pack your orders with love and precision. Jewellery has always been a passion of mine - I used to make jewellery myself and it's really cool to see a small business come so far which also started out similar stuff to me! Moving on chicas, some fun things about me; I love to play the piano and Anna and I often play (once I've finished my work of course). More generally, I love finding new songs and forcing Anna to listen to them whilst we work.