Here at Anna Vine Jewellery, fair production and ethicality is very important to us! We work closely with a supplier and manufacturer to produce our jewellery. As well as being running for many years, the factory provides safe working conditions and substantial pay to all its workers.


We only ever produce what is in demand! We never over order, or manufacture stock that we don't sell.  


As a small business, economic barriers are very much prevalent whilst developing entirely sustainable packaging. We currently offer reusable jewellery bags to ensure a practical use for your packaging, along with reusing the bags we receive our jewellery in to ensure it is protected on its way to you. Rather creatively (if I say so myself!), we recycle our shipping label sticker backs into mailer stuffing, to keep your pieces protected during the shipping process and ensure it doesn't go to waste. We hope to provide entirely plastic free packaging in the near future! 

If you have any questions regarding sustainability, please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We are 100% transparent!